About Us


Kazikazi.co.tz is an online employment service linking people looking for work with the employers who need them.

Job-seekers and employers are welcome to use our free service to post resumes, CVs and jobs. In addition we offer employers the option to pay for some additional services which can be seen here.

If you choose to have your job or your company featured it will be visible on our home page and thus have a higher profile.

As an employer Kazi Kazi can also offer you a full recruitment service from start to finish, tailored to your requirements. We help you find whoever you need, whether highly skilled professionals or manual labourers.

You can also choose to take advantage of our Try & Hire system in which we organise workers to start at your site with a three day initial assessment period during which you can check their performance and inspect their qualifications.

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If a candidate proves unsatisfactory we will replace them with someone else, so that you avoid the cost and complication of signing up someone unsuitable. Our one-off charge for this service is based on a percentage of the worker’s monthly salary and we will agree this with you in advance.

Skill areas that we can help employers with include the following:

Bricklayers, Plasterers, Carpenters, Electricians, Joiners, Painters, Roofers, Shuttering workers, Builder’s electricians, Plumbers, Steel fixers, Concreters. Most of these construction workers possess skills in many areas and are able to perform repairs on houses and flats as well as working on the construction of new homes and other larger structures. We can also provide a team of workers who will handle a construction assignment.

Welders (all welding methods), Fitters, Locksmiths and others. Candidates often have a range of skills. For instance, our welders are usually capable fitters as well, and possess the necessary knowledge about technical and isometric drawings. The workers are often skilled in general ironwork and hold certificates for operating industrial machines and devices such as fork lifts, cranes, etc.

Computer and Internet skills, Web designers, Software developers.

Nurses, Midwives and other skill areas.

Banking staff, Accountants, Sales Team, Procurement, Merchandising.

Industrial Mechanics, Auto mechanics, Shop attendants, Drivers, Gardeners, House-keepers.