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Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF)


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The Government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is currently implementing the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) to particularly address the issues on the current low skill levels of the workforce, the future demand for higher occupational skill levels in a more diversified and competitive industrial and service economy and the need to scale up and improve the quality of vocational training and technical education. The NSDS is a ten-year strategy (2016/17 – 2025/26) and its interventions are designed to have a transformative impact on the skills supply system for industries with high potential for growth and job creation.
Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) has been mandated by the Government to establish Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) for six selected economic sectors namely Agribusiness and Agro-Processing, Transport and Logistics, Tourism and Hospitality, Energy, Construction, and ICT. SSCs are expected to be platforms to promote public-private cooperation by way of collaboration with regard to skills development for the said sectors. SSCs are part of the governance structures of the “Education and Skills for Productive Jobs (ESPJ) Program for Results”, currently supported by the World Bank through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST).
ESPJ Program for Results has been developed to address specific skills challenges as outlined in the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS). The ESPJ addresses needs in respect of human capital as outlined in Tanzania’s National Development Vision 2025 (FYDPI & FYDPII). The strategy is closely aligned to the Education and Training Policy (ETP) 2015, as well as to other policies namely, the Integrated Industrial Development Strategy (IIDS) 2025, the National Employment Policy (NEP). 
The Institution
TPSF was formally incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap 212) as a company limited by guarantee on 4th November, 1998 for the purpose of promoting private sector-led social and economic development in Tanzania. As an apex and focal private sector organization (PSO), TPSF seeks to promote effective engagement with the government and other stakeholders on matters of policy development and ensuring sustainable provision of services to members. It acts as a common voice of the private sector to advocate and create an enabling environment for doing business and attracting investments.
TPSF therefore commands significant influence and importance locally and internationally. It has a unique position as the government’s partner in policy and advocacy, public private partnership (PPP), high-level dialogue platforms and National budget. TPSF has thus stood tall and bold on many issues of national and sectoral importance. 

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