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Job Description

To serve all employees and visitors as needed.

Major Duties & Responsibilities:

(i) To perform activities such as receiving and delivering documents or items, including correspondence, memorandum, publications, records, files, packages, and other similar material within office as per superior’s instruction.

(ii) To assist with basic office duties such as photocopying, filing and assisting superior’s upon their demand.

(iii) To maintain cleanliness of offices, office equipment and furniture and clean those as and when required.

(iv) To perform other related tasks upon demand to support all office employees and assist them in performance of their official duties.

Key skills

(i) Ability to handle multiple tasks efficiently

(ii) Ability to prioritize work and assignments effectively

(iii) Good communication skills

(iv) Time management skills.

Minimum Qualification

(i) Holder of Certificate of Ordinary Secondary School.

(ii) Attended training or course in relevant field.

(iii) Experience working on similar position in a busy office setting or organization.

How to Apply

Please send CV and Cover Letter Online

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